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Our goal is to familiarize children with oldest history of the region and encourage them to discover the history of the region” – informs the originator of the program Agnieszka Krzyżaniak from the Archaeological Museum in Poznan. Exhibitions in the form of thematic meetings will be referred to the permanent exhibitions presented in Poznan facility: “Prehistory of Wielkopolska” and “Here Poland was established.” The exhibition will host a one-off at the school for seven days. “Our proposal differs significantly from the typical museum lesson. There are two sets of boxes filled with precise copies of the monuments – chainmail or swords, interactive board games, puzzles, blocks. This way of presenting the past is to encourage young people to further explore the history of the region and see that visit the museum is dedicated “- explains Krzyżaniak. The organizers also prepared a ready-made lesson plans – educational packages for teachers, who will carry out unusual history lessons. They will also help ready multimedia presentations. The key to understanding the content of boxes “Here was established Poland” will also be innovative guides in the form of humorous comics. Thanks to them, children learn the names extinction event. However, in the understanding of the contents of boxes relating to the prehistory of Wielkopolska will fictionalized, richly illustrated story showing the journey of Poznan goat during the Paleolithic period. “Children will receive guidance in the form of Continue reading