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Repeated CBD Doses Required for Good Pain Alleviation

Repeated CBD Doses Required for Good Pain Alleviation

Duplicated management of cannabidiol (CBD) is required to reduce neuropathic discomfort and relevant anxiety, brand new research indicates.

The drug modulated nociception, decreased anxiety-like behavior, and increased serotonin activity in a rodent model of neuropathic pain in a study designed to evaluate the dose, treatment duration, and mechanism of action of CBD.

CBD also acted on some certain receptors although not other people, a discovering that paves the way in which for future therapeutics predicated on this active element of cannabis.

“These answers are clinically relevant, as CBD is famous showing few negative effects and supports the initiation of medical studies testing the effectiveness of CBD-based compounds for the treatment of neuropathic pain and comorbid mood disorders,” the investigators compose. Continue reading